Roald Dahl day Celebrations at Kilcreggan Primary School

20160913_091448_resizedP4/5 successfully organised a super Roald Dahl Day Celebration for all the pupils. This year Roald Dahl day was very special as we are celebrating 100 years since the birth of this amazing author. P4/5 took on the task of organising the whole day. The class worked in teams- publicity team (proof read posters and put them up around school, photographed the day, will write up the day for publicity), finance team (collected money from classes, deposited it with Mrs Evans), administration team(made class lists, created tickets, named and delivered tickets) and the events team (co-ordinated the day).

Pupils applied for jobs in each team. They organised Golden Tickets for anyone who wished to dress up on the day and lots of Roald Dahl Activities for the other classes. Throughout the school other activities were taking place and will continue to take place this week. P6/7 created their own Roald Dahl names and are now writing stories about these characters, Mr Twit’s beard is being crafted around school. Mrs Jamieson created a wonderful lunch of Snozcumber salad and Mr Foxes Chicken and dumplings (which was in the words of one pupil “dahlicious”).




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  1. I’m not sure about the snozzcumber salad but everything else about your Roald Dahl celebrations sound delumptious! Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors.

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