Speech Making Week at Rothesay Primary

RPS Speech Making May 2016Last week all pupils at Rothesay Primary wrote speeches for their Challenge Homework. The pupils then had to deliver their speeches in class and answer any questions their classmates might have. Topics ranged from holidays, to hobbies, to family pets – Mrs Shaw even met a little black puppy in the corridor after having been a ‘live’ prop! Pupils learned the skills of note making, using prompt cards, ways to use props, how to involve your audience and how to listen and think of questions to ask if you were in the audience.

Pupils were assessed on their performances and eleven pupils from P6 and 7 went forward to our Speech Making Competition. The speeches were all of a very high standard with Jessica Timms the overall winner with her speech about the wonderful world of Disney.

1 thought on “Speech Making Week at Rothesay Primary

  1. Well done Rothesay Primary! And congratulations Jessica – I wish I could have heard the speeches 🙂

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