The Examination Short Story Review.

In school p7 we have been reading and writing short stores.  A  short stories that we read called the Examination is a story about a young boy called Richard that lives in an oppressive state. In the oppressive state when you grow to the age of twelve you have to get an I.Q. test to see how intelligent you are.  When Richard takes the test he get killed because he exceeded the test.  After reading the short story,  p7 then wrote a book review on the Examination.  We sructured the book review by answering questions like ‘how was the story structured’ and ‘what do you  think about the opening’ also questions like  ‘what is the theme of the book’ and ‘can you describe the setting of the story’ also ‘what do you think about the ending’.  I found the actual story was great but I most enjoyed  how the story is so unpredictable and twisted at the end.  Writing the book review, I found it most interesting because it makes you read in between the line to find out more about the story.

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