Finance Week!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0032Last week was finance week. Each class learned about different aspects of finance and managing your money. P7 learned about tax, payday loans and interest rates and they also made finance board games. With Mrs MacDonald P7 made a Gaelic cafe and they had to learn and teach the customers how to ask and pay for food in Gaelic.

P5/6 were working out the proper cost of their soaps with all the ingredients prices added up together and worked out they should be selling the soaps for £1.06. Mrs Connor came in to help them with making spread sheet for their soap business. They also made board games about different aspects of money including accounting and managing money and accounts. A pupil named Murray made an animation on how to make soap.

P3/4 made up their own shops in groups using pretend money and foods. The shops were called The Square Shop, Good Food, The Yummies and Eat Up. They were also learning about saving and managing money.

P1/2 made different dips and sold them to the school for 30p. They were also learning about saving money.

By Abbie and Izzy  🙂

Gaelic College

IMG_1408Last Tuesday P7 from Port Ellen Primary School took a trip to the Gaelic College along with Mrs MacDonald.   During school Mrs MacDonald has taught us about  food,  how to order it and prices, all in Gaelic.   A pound in gaelic is” not” and a penny is a sgilean.  When we went over, in order to get a cake and juice you had to order in Gaelic.    We had to say, “Ha me a geerie aun…” and then whatever we wanted.   Everyone managed to successfully order what they wanted in gaelic.    After we had our order we had to answer Gaelic questions.   Then we played Twister in gaelic colours and a Gaelic board game about how to take care of yourself.   Overall we had a great day and we all learnt something new and even Mrs MacDonald.

By Emily and Jodie 🙂

The Junior Saltire Awards

jdeo2Over the last week, we have been trying to create our own wave power devices and see if we can light an LED light by generating electricity from waves. 3 groups in P7 are entering the Junior Saltire awards with their devices. All the groups have different designs for the wave power to make the LED light work.

The first group is called the Electricity Generators and the device is called The Electric Cradle. The second group is called The ABAE and the device is called The Wave-Inator 360. The last group is called TLWN and their device is called The Donut.

We are going to enter all 3 devices and hopefully our school will have some success with 1 of our devices.

By Abbie and Eleanor 🙂