Eco Update

Wednesday 21st January

  1. Welcomed by Oliver
  2. Not Present-Jasmine, Ciara and Anwen weren’t there.
  3. Discussed Paula’s visit. We read her assessment form and put it in the notice board.
  4. Progress on action points.   Litter police needs to get started back up again.  Fairtrade tuck is getting started up soon. Water wasting is going to be getting measured and recorded.
  5.  Fundraiser at Christmas- Sold some bags.
  6. Action Points- Eva- Litter sign for the pitch. Mirren- Suggestion box. Annie & Rebecca- Water fountain poster. Torin & Eva- Pen mark on water bottles.  Anwen & Eva- Fairtrade tuck.
  7. Date of next meeting- next term with new eco moniters.

We are going to be getting all of our action points done and start them up.

By Annie Farrell

P1/2 prepare to blast off


P1/2 have just finished building their Space Station and are looking forward to their trip into space.  They have been been busy with their astronaut training – fitness and fine motor skills using different gloves, tweezers and litter pickers so that they can conduct space repairs in the Space Work Module (with tumble drier pipe and gloves!).  The astronaut food is ready and we are just waiting for our spacesuits to arrive…….