Choir Mix

On Thursday 23rd January we started choir again.  We have new members, who will be joining us in our new choir songs.  Now there are 29 pupils in the choir, including:

Danni Barker, Elizabeth Macmillan, Eleanor Macmillan, Maisie Logan, Jodie Jamieson, Nicholas Weatherhogg, Emily Mackie, Asher Borthwick, Abbie Morris, Annie Farrell, Beth Mckim, Ciara Jhonston, Anwen Baker, Oliver Murhead, Bronagh Newman, Katie Middleton, Natalie Logan, Eva Munroe, Murray Cambell, Ellie Mackie, Sophie Clark, Catlyn Clark, Kaya Middleton, Jasmine Middleton, Rowan Morris, Rebbecca Morris, Abi Logan and Sarah Maclealon.

The choir have been working very hard and  have put lots of effort into learning the first verse of our new unison this year, called “Ailien In Rieech”  We have also been teaching the new choir members our warm ups, which helps us with our tuning and pronunciation of our words.

By Elizabeth Macmillan and Danni Barker

Burns Ceilidh

Over the last few weeks the pupils from Port Ellen Primary School have been working hard on learning different Burns poems and dances for our Burns Ceilidh. They announced the winners of the poetry at the Burn Ceilidh. P7’s winner Asher Borthwick said “I was really glad that I came first in my poem.” At the ceilidh there was a lot of traditional Scottish instruments playing such as the fiddle, the accordion and the tin whistle. Ella Edgar’s dancers entertained everyone. Halfway through the Burns Ceilidh they served tea and shortbread. It was a great afternoon and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

By Emily and Abbie

Light and Sight

This term we are learning all about light and sight and how it happens.  We started off by  writing down questions that we wanted to do and finding them out as we go along.  On 22/1/14 we all made pin-hole cameras by rolling 2 bits of black card and attaching cling film to one and tin foil to the other. Putting them both together so that when you look through the hole, that you made with a compass on the tin foil, you could see images but they are upside down.

The following afternoon we did experiments on sight and light, some of the ones I did were pigments and filter, looking at lenses, making magnifying glasses and answering questions about a kaleidoscope.  We also had an experiment that you had 5 ice cubes on 5 different colours- yellow, red, black, white and blue, you have to lay them on a window sill and see which coloured ice cube melts the quickest.  On 23/1/14 we took notes when we watched lots of videos, the ones we watched were, all about light, colour, colour mixing and and what is a rainbow.  That afternoon we got a visit from the optitions, he showed us a PowerPoint and we took notes, it was very interesting.

All of the experiments were very interesting and we got alot of facts.

By Maisie and Jodie

My Endeavour

For my Endeavor I am doing weather and natural disasters. I am doing a project on this because i have always wondered how storm and hurricanes etc are formed. here are three interesting facts i found out.

1)Britain is one of the most common places for disasters because of the warm air from southern Europe, the cold air from the west and the wet cold air from the Atlantic ocean, all of these collide over Britain causing devastating storms, we don’t necessarily get the worst storms but we get the most storms.

2)Ozone is a gas that is formed high up in the sky its porpoise is to protect the Earth from the suns ultra violet rays, if there were no Ozone humans would get eye damage and skin cancer these are the two worst that health problems it can cause.

3)A tropical cyclone is a disaster that is created by warm water, a tropical cyclone is made of very strong winds that go in a spiral anti-clockwise when a cyclone reaches 74mph it can be called a hurricane or a typhoon depending on where you are in the world, they are caused from water above 26.5 degrees Celsius.

I hope these three facts helped you.

by Robbie Middleton


Every Tuesday until the swimming gala p5-7 are going to the swimming pool to practice with Helen.  Helen is our swimming teacher and she is helping us get better at our swimming strokes.   We are doing lots of different things like back crawl, front crawl, gliding and stuck in the mud.   While one class is in the pool the other class is upstairs doing work.    When we are in the pool we do jumping and diving.  When we have finished we get five minutes play time. We travel to the pool and back on the bus.  Annie thinks that swimming is great and it is a good thing that you learn to swim.  Ciara thinks that swimming helps you get fit and it is a fun thing to do.

By Annie Farrell and Ciara Johnston