The Euro Quiz

We are taking part in a quiz for P6 in Scotland that is called the Euro Quiz. The Euro Quiz is a quiz that tests you on your knowledge of Europe and the EU.  It was set up by the Scottish Parliament to encourage children to learn about the EU and Europe.  I now know about the EU, when Europe day is, the EU flag,  the EU anthem and the EU motto.

by Anwen Baker and Oliver Muirhead

Junior Saltire Awards

The Junior Saltire award is a competition for schools around Scotland to come up with the best idea for a hydro kinetic generator (water power device). This year Port Ellen is entering the competition, if  they get through to the final they get to go to Edinburough University to test it.  Last year Port Ellen made it the finals. This year the power has to be gathered from the strength of the tide, P6/7 have decided to design their devices on tidal  turbines. They have made KNEX models  and power point about their design in our groups and hope to get in this year. A quote from Torin “I think it is really fun and hope to get to the final!” Hopefully at least one design will get through to the finals!

Our Sustainability Essay

We did an Essay on what sustainability living mean’s to us.   Sustainable living is using resources properly and only use them if you need them.  Everyone had to write about what it meant to them. Other people had different feelings about what sustainability means to them, some people went against the fact of being sustainable and some people agreed. Now they are going to get it entered in the international competition and they have over 900 entries. When we did our Essay we about walking to places instead of taking the car.We also included how we grown fresh vegetables and crops on crofts instead of buying them at the shops.

By Eleanor and Jodie

P2/3s Trip To The Highschool

P2/3 went on a trip to the high school to ask Miss Fuery about what geography and history there is in Scotland.  They asked lots of questions about the geography on Islay and Scotland. They found out about what sand was made of.   Matthew Campbell said that sand is made of diamonds, crystals, shells and tiny stones! People used to come to Islay to climb up a big rock, write their name in a piece of paper and put it in a plastic box. If you got stuck in the middle of that rock you wouldn’t manage to get help because there is no mobile phone signal.

By Emily and Annie

Photography Competion

P6/7 entered a photography competition called Scottish Civic Trust My Place Photo Competition. They had to take a photo of architecture. P6/7 walked down the streets of Port Ellen trying to find architecture to photograph. Reflections of puddles and just taking photos normal, old buildings to the modern builds, p6/7 took hundreds of photos of architecture. When P6/7 got back to the school they looked at all the photos and decided which ones to enter in the competition. My favourite  photo was one of the old police station.

Puppet Endeavour

We have been doing something called Endeavour and I have chosen my Endeavour to be on puppets. Endeavour is like a personal topic but it isn’t as short as a class topic, we do it all year long until the Summer holidays or the end of the year at school.  What I have done so far  for my Endeavour is I have been making puppets and I have named them Richard and Zoey. Richard is a sock puppet and Zoey is a sock Zebra. I have started on my third puppets head and I am thinking on making him a king to guard a sandwich of magic powers. I am thinking of calling him King Sandwich. Now I know lots about puppet making and puppetry.

The Snow

On Tuesday afternoon it started to snow, so it was an inside break.  We all looked outside the window to see the snow.  After a while it started to snow really heavily outside.  When it stopped snowing we looked outside and it was all white outside.  But sadly it all melted away. We all wanted to play in the snow.  We were all sad that the snow melted away.  By Emma and Ciara

Ae Fond Kiss

On 24th of January we had our annual Robert Burns ceilidh and poem competition.  Abbie Morris in p6, won her poem competition.  Here she is saying her poem, ‘Ae Fond Kiss’.

abbie poem

By Maisie and Abbie