P4/5 Social Enterprise Business

This term P4/5 decided to set up a a social enterprise business. We had been inspired to have our own business after reading Lee Goes For Gold and following our world of work topic.
Before we set up our business we had to research different social enterprise businesses like Greenworks,The Big Issue,Hill Holt Wood and Divine Chocolate.This helped us to understand about social enterprises.
Social enterprise businesses help the environment or the community by investing some of their profits towards helping make things better.
We worked together to create our business plan.
We decided to set up a business making soaps and bath bombs. Murray thought of the name for our business. We called it Scent-Citizens because we have scent in our soaps and bath bombs and we are great citizens by using some of the profits we make to help our community. We decided that we would use some of the money we make to help develop our new community path by buying plants to put along it.
Everyone has been really busy making soaps and bathbombs in class. We sold some of them at the christmas fair and some to the Islay Hotel to put in the bedrooms.
After the Christmas fair we put together a finance team. It is Eva ,Bronagh,Murray,Kaitlyn and Ross. They have to count up all of the money we make and update our accounts book. At the Christmas fair we got £95.80p. We also made £169 by selling our products to the Islay Hotel.
Just before the holidays we got a visit from Mr Bert McGlone who works for the Social Enterprise Academy in Edinburgh. He thought our business was great and is going to come back to see us soon to see if we are good enough to receive a social enterprise academy award!
By Bronagh and Eva