My Music Exam

On Monday 28th October I will have a music exam.  A music exam is to test our ability to play an instrument.  This is my first grade music exam. I play a French Horn. I am very scared about it.  You would play 3 songs and our scales then you have an oral test.

by Anwen Baker.


Every year our school tries to get every pupil to bring a tin or two, so that we can give it to the elderly in Port Ellen.  It’s good that we are giving food and money to the starving people in Africa but it’s also important to remember the old people in the village because they can be lonely.  We want them to know that we are still thinking about them. Lots of bags go out our school and are given to the elderly.

Harvest Assembly

Every year Miss Browns class does a harvest assembly and pick a charity.  This year the charity they chose was called Send a Cow!  It is a charity that helps people in Africa with farming projects.  They put on a very good assembly with lovely African songs and great costumes.  They got the true meaning of the charity Send a Cow across.

We should be grateful for what we’ve got.

By Elizabeth

Our Mesolithic Trip To The Woods

On Thursday 24th October p6/7 from Port Ellen Primary School went on a trip to the woods as their topic was Mesolithic Life. They thought this was a good idea and  relevant to their topic and would teach them more about how Mesolithic man would have to live.  Part of this trip was doing challenges, one of these challenges was creating a life size shelter and also creating a mini camp. (This took effort and time!) Unfortunately our shelter didn’t win but surprisingly our mini camp won! It was a great day!   Everyone enjoyed it but were very tired by the end of the day.

By Abbie

PE With Mrs Young

On Wednesday 23rd October we did PE with Mrs Young who was teaching Gymnastics. We concentrated on rotation, balance, inversion and flight. We had to think of a active moves to do with all of them and we did cartwheels and hand stand stands.  We had to go over and under our partners.

By Eleanor and Alicia

The National Mod in Paisley

On Sunday the 13th of October Port Ellen Primary School Gaelic choir set off to their fun and exciting Mod in Paisley where they would compete against other choirs from different schools.

They stayed in a Premiere Inn and got their dinner, lunch and breakfast provided for them.

On Monday the 14th of of October they all set off for their competitions where they sang the Unison, Puirt-a-beul and two part harmony.

They did very well and they won all their competitions!!!!

That night they went to the concert where they sang their songs and it was recorded to go onto T.V.

In the morning they had to leave to go home . On the ferry they sang their songs as entertainment.

When they were going off the ferry the pipers piped them off.

By Emily and Jodie

Trip to woods

On Thursday 24th of October we went to Cairnmore woods to have a Mesolithic day.   We did lots of challenges like hunt for food and we also had to make a journey stick. That’s when we wrap a stick in twine and take wee bits and bobs from the day and put it in the bits of twine so our group took a leaf and some bracken.  We also built shelters, mini camps and told our Mesolithic stories.