Wolf Brother HW

WOlf Brother Ep 3

Primary 6&7 reading homework this week is to listen to the link above which is chapter 7-9 of wolf brother.  In your reading journal write down any clues as to what life was like in Mesolithic times.

Sound Science

On Friday afternoon we were doing sound science. We did lots of fun things. We had a tin whistle and we stood back to back and one of us would blow the tin whistle and one of us would time you and you would both walk back and when the timer gets to a minute you would stop and you would hear a little noise from the tin whistle. We watched a video of a voice box as you go higher the voice box will open more and if you go lower the voice box will open a tiny bit. By Ciara

Primary 7 cycling proficiency

Over the last few weeks primary 7 have been doing cycling proficiency with Mr Gairns the janitor and our teacher Mrs Clark. It has been every Tuesday at the end of the day for the last two or three weeks. It takes place out in the playground. What happens is there is a big roll of rope and we put it round the playground like a road. Then we take out a couple of cones to be road works and parked cars that we have to indicate in and out of. As i said its only in the playground at the moment but we will soon be moving out onto the road. I hope we all pass our test!

Astronomy Trip

On the 9th of September 2013 most of the schools on Islay went to Islay high school to learn about astronomy. The professor was called Mr Newman who is an astronomer himself. He told us lots of information like how to find an asteroid and he showed us telescopes he had worked with, some cost £5,000,000 that had found a lot or interesting stuff. He showed us a picture that had 500,000,000,000,000 stars in it which was amazing. He also explained that stars can come in different colours. Blue stars are hotter than the orange, red and yellow ones.  He showed us with marbles and balloons how far away planets and stars were. At the end we asked questions and here are one of the answers. A shooting star is just a speck of dust that has caught fire as it entered the atmosphere.

By Robbie and Nicholas

Port Ellen P4/5’s Navy Visit

On Monday the 9th September P4/5 got a visit from the navy.  They came to help redo the pond.  They arrived in at Port Ellen pier that morning so they had sailed over on a navy ship.  The pond was NOT! in good shape at the time but, after the Navy came, the pond is looking in ship shape!  They chopped down some trees to get wood.  They dug it into layers.

The Navy were doing all the digging but p4/5 were helping to take the stones out.  They were very excited to help, and had fun.  Class pupil Joe Hamilton said that his favourite part was when they took photos with the navy.

By Cameron and Elizabeth.

Ancient Archaeological Trip

On Tuesday the  27th of August, p6/7 Port Ellen Primary went on a trip to Rubha Port an t-Seilich. They met professor Steven Mithin, who talked to them about the time of Mesolithic people. They went on this trip as part of their Mesolithic topic in which they are reading the book Wolf brother.

Class pupil David Baker says”It was amazing and I learned loads of facts.” Some of the things the class learnt about were how the archaeologists found the digging site. The digging site was found by pigs and this site could be the oldest digging site in Scotland, as they have not only found Mesolithic flints they may have also found Paleolithic flints! There were two different kinds of flints found on the digging site; there were Microliths and Burlins. As well as hammer stones, limpet hammers and part of an axe head which is very rare!

Professor Steven Mithin told them all about the dig site and what they had discovered he was very about a piece of bone that was stuck in the wall of the trench. After the class looked at the trench they went down to the shore and were showed how they hosed of the soil from the artifacts and were allowed to have a go themselves. When they were allowed to have a go themselves they found Microliths, Burlins, Hammer stones and burnt hazelnut shells!

After this they went back to their school for lunch.

By Emily and Asher

The Amazing Car Wash

In  August p6l7 held a car wash at the school. People from all around  the village  came it was great fun.The class where raising money for their exciting Stramash trip to Oban. It was  very successful we raised £241 which was very good. S0 the class are very  lucky and are very excited about their amazing trip which will attend on the 24th to the 27th of August.

At the end it turned into a bit of a water fight and we got a bit wet but instead ended up soaking our teacher it was a great day.

By Emma and Abbie

P6/7 Stramash Trip

On the 24th September  Port Ellen Primary P6/7 are going to Oban to go on loads of different of adventures they are going to be doing rock climbing!, swimming!, Jumping of rocks! and archery!. They will be away for 3 nights 4 days, there are some people who aren’t going, they will be staying in school with another class so they are not alone in the classroom.

They will be going on the ferry boat to Kennacraig, then getting on a bus. Then going to the cottage where we are meeting other schools around Islay and Jura. When we get there we will have dinner and play with our friends from around Islay and Jura. It’s important to be on this trip because we will communicate and be with other various schools.

Islay book festival

On Saturday 7th September Islay book festival was at Port Ellen Primary School.  There was four famous authors in our school called Margret Ryan, Marie Hedderwick, Matthew Fitt and Keith Charters.

Margret Ryan writes weird street and rued ca the rued. Marie Hedderwick wrote Katie Morag.  Matthew Fitt writes Scots books.  Keith Charters writes lee goes for gold, lee’s holiday showdown, lee consul[mu]tants and lee  on the dark side of the moon.

By Annie and Ciara

The New P1’s

On the 17th of August Port Ellen Primary welcomed 14 new primary 1’s! We welcomed Rauridh Blair, Katherine Borthwick, Drew Brown, Orla Campbell, Millie Clark, Harmoni Edwards, Millie Holyoake, Scott Hope, Caitidh Johnston, Braeden Macgillvary, Morgan Mcfarlane, Charlet-rose Munro, Aiden Munro and Dearbhla Newman.

We asked 2 pupils from the new p1 class how they’re enjoying it, this is what Breaden Macgillvary said, he likes playing with the cars, trains and enjoys learning all about Katie Morag!

We also asked Millie Clark what she enjoys about being a new primary 1. She enjoys visiting the writing table and likes being in all day, because she enjoys having 3 breaks!

So we hope all the new primary 1’s enjoy being in school andare happy to be learning new things!

By Maisie and Jodie