P2/3’s Trip To The Dump!

On Wednesday 20th of November p2/3 went on a trip to the dump.  I have interviewed p2/3 on what they were doing at the dump and why. They had been looking for rubbish to build their iron man made out of all kinds of stuff. They had told me there was a red machine which gathers junk and a grey machine that squashes junk. And then the junk was turned into boxes. They had also said that their was a Telly Tubbie hill at the dump. They also went in a huge big shed where they keep lots of stuff and they also saw the dump truck. They also told me that the was a big landfill where all the junk goes. And P2/3 said it was really fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Nicholas and Torin

Maths Techniques

In maths this recently p6/7 have been learning many different ways to help you add and subtract. These are some ways help you get your maths right. One way is to work backwards,  this is were if you have an adding sum and you want to check it is correct, you would subtract the second number from the sum from the answer and if it equals the first number of the sum, it is correct. Example: 42+56=98 to check: 98-56=42. Another technique is partitioning, which is when you split the sum into tens and units to make it easier. example: 97-34=63  how to do it with partitioning: 90-30=60, 7-4=3, answer =60+3=63. p6/7  have learned many  different techniques as well as these.

By Robbie and Asher.

Fiddle Music Exam

On Friday 15th November I set my grade 2 Fiddle exam. When I entered the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland, which was where I would be sitting my exam, my heart began to race and I became very nervous. When it was my turn for the exam I felt more confident because of the practice I had beforehand. I was asked to play my tunes and then my scales and arpeggios which I thought went very well. Then I was asked to do my ear test which was nerve racking however I was not able to sing back the tune but I knew I still did very well.

By Abbie

Post Cards From Doctor Knowles

On Tuesday 19th November Port Ellen Primary received a post card from  Doctor Knowles. She said that she liked going travelling so every time she goes away she will sent a post card.  The first time she gave us a post card, she was in Grenaa and she asked us if we could find out where it was the map.  Asher found it was in Denmark.  She is being very kind and buying a big world map for the school so we can see where she goes.

By Jodie and Eleanor

Book Fair

Last Monday we started the book fair and there was lots of  different books for different aged people. We had a target it was to reach up to £4oo to get free books for the school, but Mrs MacDonald said that we nearly reached our target we raised £378. 81. Yesterday and today we had the stationary box, that is when you get things out the box like pencils, rubbers, sharpens and rulers. So this Friday we will know how much we raised by Mrs MacDonald. There is lots of fun books to read at the book fair.

By Ciara.  🙂

P7 Cycling Proficiencey

On Tuesday 5th of November Port Ellen Primary school P7’s did cycling proficiency. They had to bring in their bikes every day to train hard for the test. P7 were training with cards and their road safety books. They had 5 weeks to practice then they had their theory test. A theory test is a test that you do on paper and they all passed.  Then 2 weeks from then they did their real test and they all passed.

Maisie Logan  Got A  full marks

Danni Barker got B full marks

Asher Borthwick A Full marks

Cameron Clark B full marks

Alicia Johnson A nearly full marks

Robbie Middelton A full marks

Children in Need

On Friday it was Children in Need and the school raised £263.46. The whole school was wearing their onesies or pyjamas.  Even the teachers.

Annie, Anwen,Abbie, Izzy, Emily and Jodie did a lucky dip and we raised £28.64.

At the end of the day we had a talent show and a lot of people entered and we ran out of time so some people could not do there act, tell a joke, play an instrument or do a song or dance.

By Annie Farrell


This year p6/7 are going to be doing an Endeavour project.  An Endeavour project is when you chose a topic that your interested in and do a longer version of a personal topic on it.  You have from October till the end of June to complete it.  Last year everyone picked something slightly different and worked to aim their personal goal everyday.

The different projects in our class are Cooking food from around the world, Japan, Sewing a quilt, Survival skills, Chicken farm, Celebration cakes, Volcanoes, Beauty therapy, Horse riding instructor, Writing a book, Climate change, Growing Vegetables, Puppets, Video games, Fitness and diet, Traditional singing and Exploration survival.

Everyday you have to fill out  record sheet to record everything you’ve done and everything you need to do.

By Maisie

World of Work Day

On Thursday 31st of October P4/5 and P6/7 had a fun afternoon because  P4/5 had been learning about jobs and what skills you need for certain jobs. We buddied up with the Primary fours and fives and we went down to the hall where we met lots of different people and they all had different jobs. We all asked different questions, I was buddied up with Ronan and our question was, what skills do you need for this job? Afterwards we went up to the cafeteria for a little cake!

By Emily P6