Maths Techniques

In maths this recently p6/7 have been learning many different ways to help you add and subtract. These are some ways help you get your maths right. One way is to work backwards,  this is were if you have an adding sum and you want to check it is correct, you would subtract the second number from the sum from the answer and if it equals the first number of the sum, it is correct. Example: 42+56=98 to check: 98-56=42. Another technique is partitioning, which is when you split the sum into tens and units to make it easier. example: 97-34=63  how to do it with partitioning: 90-30=60, 7-4=3, answer =60+3=63. p6/7  have learned many  different techniques as well as these.

By Robbie and Asher.

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