School Values

In school we have been learning about our school values, they can help in a wide range of activities. Such as our Endeavour project. When we are planning we need high expectations to set targets to push ourselves. Positive attitudes for when we are writing stories and getting feedback to what we could do better. Mutual respect , respecting all school property when we are in school and out of school.  these are some of our school values.


On the 24th of September 2013, P6/7 from port Ellen primary went to Oban for the Stramash trip. When they arrived they were split into to groups for their rooms and activities.They did many activities, but two of them were canoeing and bush craft. To start with they paddled around Loch Nell with all the supplies they needed to make a shelter and a fire for the night.

When they arrived at the place they were going to do bush craft, they began going through a check list for surviving in the wild. The first step was to make sure that they all had oxygen, which they did! Next was to make sure that we had sufficiant body warmth, they all had that too but their temperature would drop with the surrounding temperature. So they needed a shelter to help conserve their body heat and to build a fire. They made shelters in groups and learned how to light a fire with firesticks and roasted marshmallows.  It was great fun!

Stramash Rocks!

On Tuesday my class (p6/7) and all the other p6/7s from all over Islay and Jura went on a trip called Stramash. We had a very long journey to get to Oban but it was well worth it.  After the journey we went to our rooms, found out our group buddies and set out on our  first activity.  Our group went Rock Climbing and Absailing. Rock climbing is very challenging but a brilliant thing to learn how to do. I bet you would love to absail down the Conglomerate rock (If you are into adventurous activities).  Some people didn’t make it to the top, but at least they tried.  Would you have tried? Or would you be a scaredy cat?

By Jodie Jamison and Elizabeth Macmillan 🙂

Stramash Trip (Dinghy Sailing!)

On the 24th of September schools from Islay and Jura met together for our exciting trip to Oban as part of Stramash.
During this trip we done many activities and one of them was Dinghy Sailing.
First of all we got taught how to put up the Dinghys correctly so it would be safe.
After all the hard work on putting the Dinghys up it was then a case of fitting in to wetsuits and buoyancy aids.
Then we had to get the boats down to the shore and out sailing.
After a fun sail around part of Oban we played a game where we had to collect balls. Emily Mackie from Port Ellen decided she wanted to win the game and quickly jumped out of the Dinghy but then she couldn’t get back on because Abbie Morris couldn’t stop the boat!
At last she finally managed to stop the boat everyone was laughing. Then she got on the boat and sat down. They only lasted a few minutes before capsizing and sending them tumbling down into the sea. Only to loose all their balls.
Luckily Abbie Morris hitched a lift with Chloe from Keills and Maisie from Port Ellen. Maisie felt sorry for Emily so she went to help her, this included jumping off the dinghy. Then we couldn’t get the boat back over so we ended up getting a lift with the boys.
Soon it was getting nearer dinner time so we had to leave however we were running late so instructors Nicky and Andy decided to give us a tow by the Motor Powered Boat. They started joking about not having enough fuel but then they realized they spoke too soon because THE BOAT RAN OUT OF FUEL! They were hoping to row back with oars but then they both broke with a SNAP!!!!!!
Full of laughter in `us we ended up having to sail back and then walking to the bus absolutely drenched!
When we got back to the Hostel we were so excited to tell all our friends about the funny but cold event!

By Emily and Abbie

P6/7 Go Coasteering

P6/7 went on a trip to Oban and tried different activities to do with their Stramash trip.  Coasteering was one of the activities everyone did, we had to climb across rocks and jump off rocks, it was very ambitious but very fun.  They all jumped in to the deep water.  The Water was freezing and it was very cold with the wind.  The instructor was very happy about every thing that we did wrong or did right.  When you climbed across the rocks there was barnacles that would hurt your hands they would cut them too, that is what happened to me and my group it was really sore.  So when we got home we got showered and get changed and then went for dinner.  🙂

by Alicia and Danni


On Tuesday 24th September Port Ellen primary school and other schools met at Port Ellen pier to go on the ferry. When we got off the ferry we went on the bus and went to Oban for Stramash. When we got there we did some archery. It was funny when Elizabeth pointed the arrow to the teacher and the teacher thought she was going to shoot it at her! After that we played a game and we had to split the group in half. We had a challenge and the other team won and the next time we did it my team won. We all had a great time and we didn’t want to go.

By Annie Farrell