p6/7 oban trip.

all the p6/7 classes from islay when on an fun out door trip in oban for 4 days! the out door centre was called stramash. the activitys in oban were costering which is when you jump of really high rocks into the sea wearing a wetsuit and a waterproof jacket, it was freezing but great! there was some group work like quizzes and games. there was a lot more activity’s . it was a great trip!!!!!!


At school we are learning about tessellation. tessellation is when you use a shape and put it next to it, (or on top of it and under it). You can tell if the shape you are using tessellates if there are no gaps.

The human Body

Recently we have been learning about the human body but we have been concentrating on the heart. I am going to give you 3 facts. Heres my first fact there are four rooms in the heart they are called the left ventrical and the right ventrical which are at the bottom. Then theres the rigt atrium and the left atrium which are at the top. Fact number two the hearts job is to pump blood around the body. Fact number three the heart is not the shape of the heart it is the shape of a pear the fruit!!!!!!!

By Emily