Update on what P1/2 have been doing.

We have been doing lots of fact finding using the internet and books. Eva
We also visited two museums in Port Charlotte. Matthew
The museums were Islay Natural History Museum and The Museum of Islay Life. Murray
When we were at the museums we saw bones, stones and old tools. Ruaraidh
At the museum we talked about organising animals into different groups. Eva
Now we know about museums we are going to work together to set up our own dinosaur museum. We hope to have it ready for visitors by the end of next week.
As part of finance week we have been learning all about coins. We have been identifying different coins and we know that if we are counting up coins we should start with the one which has the biggest value. We have also set up a shop and cafe which will be part of our dinosaur museum.
P1/2 are going to be singing in the local mod and we have started learning our song which is about fire engines, tractors and vans.
Struan and Ruaraidh already know all their words! well done! (Darren and Struan)
We have started to think about the olympics and we discovered that the olympic symbol is 5 rings in different colours. Each ring represents one of the 5 continents. (Natalie and Ruaraidh)
We also found out that a long time ago married ladies weren’t allowed to go to the olympics. Eva
Football is an olympic sport and we have been playing it at gym. Taylor

Frozen Adventure

We have completed our stop motion animation about the Polar Lands. We worked in 3 groups and used 3 sets which we made ourselves. First there was a school set with a boy and Scottish animals and a Golden Eagle. The next set was the Arctic which had Polar bears, an Inuit, Arctic Hare, a seal and The Northern Lights. The final set was in Antarctica and there were penguins, a Blue whale, an explorer on his sledge with his husky. We had to edit the photos, add music and our story. We will be uploading it onto the school website. We all had lots of fun working together and put a lot of effort into our animation. We hope you enjoy watching it!
Frozen Adventures

My Visit To Saltcoats.

When I was visiting Saltcoats I went to the swimming pool twice. The first time was a fun pool with shutes and a river with currents and stuff. The second time I went in a proper adult pool and swam eight lengths. My daddy was very proud of me.I am staying at my uncle williams flat.It has a lovely and is quite high up. I am missing Port Ellen and all my friends but will be home soon so until then slainte.

Talking And Listening Maths On The Computer

We went on to the computers to do talking and listening active maths the games we played place value and number detective. Some tips for the place value game is to look at the units and make sure it is the same units then add on the right amount of tens. For the detective game you have to use the right questions, for example is it odd or even were the best to ask because they got rid of a lot of numbers. We enjoyed it.
By Robbie and Asher

My Review on the Selfish Giant

I am going to give you my review on The Selfish Giant. On the day of the play no one forgot their words and everyone’s acting was brilliant. I felt very nervous when I was just about to walk onto the stage because I had forgotten some words in dress rehearsal, but it was fine in the end.  We did have a down side to our play, just when everyone had sat down the person playing the giant became ill. Eleanor was very clever, she was the puppeteer for the giant and she stepped in at the last minute, even though she hadn’t learned all the words she seemed to know them.  There was only one time that Eleanor didn’t know what to say but Harry knew the words so that was a big help. Other than that the play was great and everyone enjoyed it and after the play all the mums, dads, grannys, grandpas were allowed to go up and have a cake that we made and a cup of tea.
By Maisie

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