Poetry Competition

On Friday 18th May Mrs MacDonald told us we had done really well in the life on Islay poetry competition. The man that ran the competition was called James Knox Whitter. The people that won in our school was Asher who came first and Nick who came third and the highly commended was me Eleanor and Scott.:) By Eleanor

Our Eco Codes

We have 5 eco codes here they are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and drink it don’t waist it, turn off the light when its bright, walk or cycle to school, eat more fruit every day. We are going to to put them round the school one at each class room door. By Ciara 🙂

My Personal Topic

My personal topic is the circulatory system and I am going to make a fantastic jigsaw Of the circulatory system. Then I am going to make devil dark red vessels out of papier mache. Next I was going to ask questions one of my questions were what does the blood looks like,my second question was what happens when you cut you self.

Beach Clean

2 weeks ago it was the beach clean and all of the school went. When we were at the beach clean we were cleaning the beach, some of the parents were there. At the beach I found a fishing boat mat so the boys helped me lift it, it was so heavy so we put it in the van and I found a chimney pot when it was finished we got a ice lolly after our ice lolly we went back to the school and had break then it was home time. By Ciara.

My Personal Topic

My topic is the lungs, I have made a 3D modal of the lung that shows how your diaphragm works also I’m making a power point about asthma. How the lungs work, when you breath in your diaphragm pulls down, it lets air in to your lungs and grow out when you breath out your diaphragm pulls in and your lungs goes in.

Dissecting a chicken!

This week we were dissecting a chicken and I thought it was good for research.
We found lots of cool stuff like;








We thought we saw the lungs but it was on the wrong side for the lungs
but Mrs MacDonald thinks it is the lungs as well so I think it’s the lungs.
I touched every thing, so did Abbie. (I loved it,it was the best lesson ever!)

Dissecting A Chicken

On Thursday I felt so excited because p4/5 dissected a Chicken. Amazingly I felt so,so impressed with myself because Izzy,Ciara and I were the only three girls in the class that held all its Organs. We all were very impressed with Mrs Clark because it was only a Co-op Chicken she bought but there was still liver in it.

At some points it was quite gross but at all time awfully COOL! Here are some of the things we saw
. The Liver
. The kidneys
. The Blood Vessels
. The Lungs (Well we thought it was the Lungs)

Also so much more 😀

science visit

On Thursday 24th May P4-7 were making wind yachts and we had to measure wood then cut it were you put a mark. There was lot of gluing and sellotaping. At the end we had a race with our yachts and we when up in six. In my group I came 3rd. It was very good and exiting.


Healthy Tuck

Every week on a Thursday we are doing healthy tuck. This week my group went first. On the Wednesday we went to the co-op with Mrs Macfarlane and Miss McKascle. We bought all our ingredients then we all went back to school. The next day we had to make them.   At afternoon break we sold them and we made a profit of £15.35.

By Emily

Science Visit

Yesterday our school Port Ellen had a science visit. And we made wind surfers for to play races with. We used junior saws to cut our wood. We also got to use straws for attaching the wheels. When it finished it had been home time.

By Nick