Paralympic Power Point

On Friday we did a power points but I didn’t do it. On Monday we did our power points but I was not well I had the stomach bug so I did it today Abbie won the presentation. I was talking about the Paralympics amputees. By Ciara

Leavers Assembly

Tomorrow on the 28th June our p7s are going to the high school everyone is heart broken. Then everyone is going to get a aword or certificate and they disided to pick lunch it is burgers and chocolate cracnal put some people will have pack lunches and on friday we’going to church!!! 🙂 By Eleanor bye bye

P4/5 Golfing

On Monday 25th June p45 went to Machrie golf course to do some golf with Mr Gairns,Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Clark. Mr Gairns was teaching real golf, Mrs Ramsay was doing practicing golf and Mrs Clark was doing putting. I was Against Robbie, Torin and Beth, it took me Eight shots to get it in :):D. P4’s went in the school bus and the p5’s went in Mrs Clarks car, my favourite bit was doing the real golf with Mr Gairns because I did really far shots.

By Jodie 🙂 😀

Beach Picnic and Beach Clean

On Monday 17th June in the morning we went for a beach clean to tidy the beach so it was clean for our beach picnic in the afternoon!!{Luckily it was nice} When we got to the beach we started making our sandcastles for the sandcastle competition!! Abbie,Maisie,Ello,Annie and I molded out a mermaid in the sand. For our lunch we had a sandwich,cake,sausage roll and some juice. After we went down to finish our sandcastles Danni,Izzy and Jodie were very kind because they let us borrow two of there shells we really really liked!!!!!!!!!! Just before we went back to school we found out who the winners were for the sandcastle competition Ruby’s group came 3rd Our group second and Nicks 1st!!!!!!!!!
By Emily

Proper poetry

Last month pupils from Port Ellen Primary School found out that they had won a Poetry competition. They are Nick, Asher, Eleanor and Scott. Asher won first place and Nick won 3rd. The prizes were a 35 pound book voucher and 25 pound book voucher and a 15 pound book voucher. On the 15 June the same pupils from Port Ellen Primary School will be going to the Gaelic College in Bowmore. And the poems are called The Gazing Sun, The Crashing Sea and The Sea On Islay.


On Friday at Port Ellen Primary 1to5 have been gardening at the front of the school planting flowers in the old whiskey barrels and in the old boat, renovating it for the open day.

Scottish Education Awards

On Tuesday 12th of June it was the Scottish Education Awards, this meant that the school was up for the best school in Scotland for using technolgy. Two girls from Port Ellen Primary school, Emily and Eilidh, went with three other teachers which were Mrs Clark,Miss MacRae and Mrs Macdonald. They went away on Monday Morning and ended up with a whopping surprise. They came first in this Award which meant a lot to Port Ellen Primary.

Choir Sing Their Heart Out

Every Thursday after school every one in the choir go to the hall for practice. On Saturday 2nd June all of the choir went to Bowmore to the local mod. They sang the unison, unison 2, strathspey, reel and the peurt a ‘beul. They came first for the unison and second for the strathspey and reel. They won two trophies, one for the Psalm and the other trophy was for their unison. The choir said “Yeah we came first!” Then Mrs Macdonald the conductor said “We won.” They all had fun.