Beach Clean

On Friday the 10th Port Ellen Primary School had a beach clean to save the animals we found a lot of rubbish and a lot of rope as well i thought it was really fun, after that we got ice lollies and the ice lollies but mine  fell of the stick, and it fell on the grass, so i got half of my ice cream. Me and a bit of rope played a bit of tug a war the rope won, then Mrs Leesk  tried it and even she couldn’t do it so hard. We collected 500 kg of rubbish and we got a lot of money from re jig £110 !!!!!!!!! wow Whoo. Some people had to go over to the other side of the beach because there was a quarter of a canoe over there, but somebody got injured my friend Anni she cut her arm because of he canoe she was lifting the big canoe and it fell on her arm and scratched her arm but shes fine.

By Alicia