Moral Tales

Yesterday, P4/5 were doing Moral tales.

Moral tales are stories with a meaningg, and the Moral is the meaning, the story is called a Fable.Soon we will be putting our stories on Glow I hope you will enjoy them.

Earlier we were looking at Aesops Fables who was a Greek writer. Milleniums ago, they all have a meaning, and he wrote hundreds.

Also we are doing a play called the Selfish Giant, a short story by Oscar Wilde, that has a Moral as well. I have read a lot of his books and they all have a meaning.



Primary 4&5 have been learning about moral tales as part of their selfish giant topic this term. They have looked at the stories of Oscar Wilde and Aesops Fables, and have written their own versions. Read them in this online book.

Port Ellen Moral Tales

Leaning using DSi :)

We have been using DSi. We’ve been playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village, to help us with our reading. We do it with the people that we sit beside, I play it with Scott we’re on chapter 4 and have ruffly 800 picerats.

Sport Relief

On Friday 23rd March 2012 Port Ellen Primary School went on a 1 mile walk for the charity Sport Relief.

We had been to a Swimming Gala that morning, so it was a very sporty day.We got up with our buddies, and some of us took a balloon and a charity box.

All the classes and teachers went for the walk around Port Ellen, the School went down Lennox Street, turned right, then our feet lead us to the Islay Hotel, where once more we turned right. We wandered past the White Hart Hotel, and came to the park.

Then all of us got together and a picture was taken!!
After that we walked back to school and had break.

On the walk some people stopped to donate, also we stopped some cars too.

When it was over, everyone assembled ourselves in the hall, and Mrs MacDonald announced what we had raised. And we had raised…


We were extremely pleased, I hope Sport Relief will appreciate what we have done!


The Selfish Giant Skills

We are doing play called the Selfish Giant we had to learn some skills and this involves,

. learning your words of by heart/songs
.Use movement to tell the story
.acttions for your lines so its more real

By Abbie

The Selfish Giant

P4/5 are doing the Easter play. The play is called the Selfish Giant,I am called Bob in it. It is very hard to remember all my lines but I try my best. My favorite seen is scene one.

Selfish Giant

This Easter p4/5 are doing a play on the selfish giant some acting skills are:
1.good expression
2.follow stage directions
3.good memory for the script
4.don’t rush your words
5.remember when you go on stage

Selfish Giant (skills)

1. You will need a good memory for the script.
2. Speak loud.
3. Either be very tall for a giant or have building skills.
4. Follow stage directions
5. Don’t speak too fast.
6. Know which side to go onto the stage.
7. Have the right props
8. Have enough people for all the characters.
9. You will need to practice.
10. Speak clearly.

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