World Book Day

Today was world book day! Some of us dressed up as our favourite character from our favourite book. I dressed up as Matilda. Roald Dahl wrote my favourite book. In the morning we made book marks to enter a competition! Before lunch we went through to Miss Browns class and watched something with lots of authors in it. The p5s were at swimming but they came back after lunch. In the afternoon we wrote stories in groups for the nursery ours was called Aliens love ice cream I hope when the nursery read it they will like it! What a fun day.

By Emily p4


On Sunday 25th February, Port Ellen went to Islay High School,to play a Shinty Tournament, against Bowmore and Port Charlotte. There was a P4/5 league and a P6/7 league, each playing in a different part of the school.  Our team were in the P4/5 one, and matches were 6 minutes long.

We had a great time,in my team there was Maisie in goal, Jodie and Abbie in Defence, but Abbie sometimes went up, and scored some fabulous goals. I(Harry)was in midfield and Alicia was up-front.

These are our scores(If my memory serves me…)

Super Sweepers(Our team)1-1Mario team(Port Charlotte)
Shinty Strikers(Also from Port Ellen)0-8Bowmore 1(Bowmore)
Super Sweepers0-1Bowmore 2(Bowmore)
Mario team1-3Shinty Strikers
Super Sweepers2-2Bowmore 1
Shinty Strikers4-0Bowmore 2
Shinty Strikers1-3Super Sweepers
Shinty Strikers3-2Port Charllote 2
Super Sweepers3-0Port Charlotte

And we all really enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of it the people who organized it read out the league,also they said that the top 2 play a final,this is the league…

1.Bowmore 1
2.Super Sweepers
3.Mario team
4.Port Charlotte 2
5.Shinty Strikers
6.Bowmore 2

The top 2 were Bowmore & Super Sweepers,so we were in the FINAL!!
The Final was really hard, we were doing really badly at half time,as it was 3-1 to Bowmore. But Alicia added another goal in the second half,where we played a lot bettter,but in the ending seconds, Bowmore scored.  Well done Bowmore!

It was Bowmore4-2OPort Ellen, we had come second,but overall we had a wonderful time. Meanwhile in the other hall, Port Ellen were doing rather well, although P4/5’s were only back for one game and the final, we thought it must have been very interesting.

When Miss Ramsey read out the scores I was amazed Port Ellen’s team Spiderpigs were third, The Jimmy Brigade, also from Port Ellen were second and the team in first were The Bullseye Boys from Port Ellen!

We had a great time overall,and many thanks to Miss Ramsey for organizing the tournament.

Number sequences

On Monday 26th Feb we did number sequences here is an example 1,5,9,…,17,…,25. If you work it out here is a harder one 0,…,18,27,36,… if you worked it out could you please write a comment saying the missing numbers.

By David

Pancake Day

Last Tuesday it was pancake day. Mrs onion Taught us about pancake day and ash Wednesday. Pancake day is called LENT. I am going to tell you a story about LENT. In Jesus time they gave up meat for 40 days (not including Sundays) and they were left was eggs,flower,butter,milk and they mixed it together and it made pancakes. And that is the story of lent and pancake day. I gave up my 3DS for 4o days. By Ciara.

The Shinty Tounament

On Sunday 25th February it was the Shinty Tounament. We had to be there by Quarter to twelve and it started at twelve o’clock. The p6/7 went to the big hall and the 45 had to go to the wee hall i was at the wee hall, and the first teams to play were bowmore and the port ellen team the super sweeper and i got hit in the arm by a stick. The scores were 1-1.

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day this maens that at school you get to dress up as your
favirate book character. I dressed up as Rebecca the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairy I am wairing a rock ‘n’ roll skirt a pink top a black belt pair of black shoes with white ankle socks, and my friend Jodie has dressed up as Minie Mouse. Then all the Teachers areaking up some fun activites.

Brownies in School

This Wednesday we had brownies it is at quarter past six
and I am suppose to be a seconder a seconder is a brownie that is suppose to help the other brownies in your group but a sixer is a brownie that is the oldest and has to be responsible and tell your group what you have to do. This week we were talking about thinking day, thinking day is actually on the 22nd of February but we have it later, we have it some time in March. We were making posters about Reduce Reuse Recycle the three R’s
we were also playing a game called Bees and Toadstools.
We have four groups and they are called Elf’s,Pixies,Leprechauns and Imps.


We have been doing number sequences we stated them on 26th of February. We have also been doing fractions. And we have hard maths up to 1000. And we have been doing
lots of maths

By Nick

World Book Day

Today is world book day and everyone if they want to they can ware there favorite character but the P5-7 don’t ware there clothes an till they come back from swimming. By Eleanor 🙂

Climate Zones

On Wednesday 29th February we were doing a minie topic about Climate Zones. Mrs Clark put us in to pairs I was paired up with Abbie we were doing polar animals!Abbie and I watched a video about polar zones we found out the coldest weather was – eighty eight degrees that is very cold. we also made a poster on word art!
By Emily

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