Newtons 3rd Law

This week was National Science and Engineering Week and we were learning about Newtons 3 laws, on the Scrap heap challenge every group did a small presentation on what we have learned this week. My group did a presentation on Newtons 3rd law, it goes like this ‘ Every action have a equal and opposite reaction. We used Newtons Cradle to prove it.

Science Week

We have just done our science week competitions, there were a lot of problems along the away.  There were 4 competitions and my group won nothing though but everyone had fun and none of the pupils were sad because we all had fun. 🙂

by Helen

Newton’s Laws

From the 11th March-16th March it is science and engineering week. Primary 4-7 are all taking part in a whole week of science and all the activities we do is about forces. The first thing that we learned was Newton’s 3 laws and they are very important because they describe forces very well. The first law is “when forces acting on an object they are balanced,it will remain at rest or move in an straight line at constant speed”. The 2nd law is “force=mass x acceleration”. The 3rd law is “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and that is Newtons 3 laws.

Science week

At Port Ellen primary we were doing science almost all week we had to learn about forces for example there was friction, if you went on something bumpy friction would slow you down, and mass if something is heavy it will have mass and it will slow it down.

Science and Engineering Week

On the 12th of March we started to do some science for the whole week and today we are making a car and it is really, really tricky. But we manged and it is really fun. Angus was at the dentist so he didn’t really get to do much but he did the wheels and they fitted perfectly. After lunch Abbie and I are going to decorate the whole car.
By Annie p4

Science Today

We are making a car today, we have had to think about what it will run on.  We have been designing the car to look funky and cool. The car is looking ok but we will be making it look even better. We have to add our own engine as well. 🙂
By Helen and Danni

Science in p4/5 and p6/7

This week is science and engineering week. Our aim is to be able to successfully make a car by the end of the week. We are also trying to know Newton’s three laws off by heart, the first one is when forces acting on an object are balanced,it will remain at rest or move in a straight line at constant speed, the second rule is force=mass x acceleration and finally the third rule is every action has an equal and opposite reaction. On Monday we had science activities in groups to complete my group is Daniel Ewan Izzy and I . My favourite activity was buoyancy!:)

By Emily!!!

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