How To Play Shinty

First you get a shinty helmet there is a grill that come down on your face so a the ball doesn’t hit your face. Then you get a shinty stick you have to hold it with two hands, shinty is like football but you have a stick and a wee ball. To score you hit the ball a try and get in the goal.
By Jodie

The Story Of Shinty

I am going to tell you where shinty came from. Once there was a giant and he was walking with loads of people on him and he met a prinsses they came up with a game called shinty and thats where shintey came from. So I hope you try a game of shinty it is really easy. By Ciara.

How to do the Canadian Barn Dance

This is how to do the Canadian Barn Dance! First you have to hold a hand with your partner. Next you have to go forward three times and hop. Then you have to go back three times and hop. After that you have to go out clap and hop at the same time. Then you have to go in the way and hold your partners hands. After that you go forward to three then back to three. Finally go round once in a circle.

By Emily

Gay Gordans

This is how you do the Gay Gordans. Forward two three turn back two three forward two three turn back two three twist your partner and hold your partners hands and go round and keep doing the same thing over and over . You need to have two people together. You need to be in a circle to do the Gay Gordans.
By Annie

Rangers Charity Foundaction

Me and my Auntie Fiona completed the walk with Walter Smith who is the Glasgow Rangers manger. Well me and my Auntie Fiona got this letter through the post and it said you were invited to this evenings ceremony and we got there on Monday night and there was loads of people there, after that the ladies would tell us where to sit and we each got to stand in a queue and wait for our names to be called out and a Rangers player presented our medals to us. On Monday afternoon I got to go and get a picture taken with the Rangers players and get their autographs it was really cool but at the same time I was really shy, but the goalkeeper gave my a signed t-shirt that said best wishes Allan.

By Alicia

T Rex

We went onto the internet to find out about T Rex. We found out that he was 6000kg and 12m tall.
We worked out that if 9 and a half of our class stood on each others heads we would be the same height as T Rex.
We also worked out that if T Rex stood on scales we would need to use 12000 500g weights to balance the scales – cool eh!

Learning about dinosaurs

P1/2 visited the school library to get books about dinosaurs. We are going to look at them to find information. We found out that a book which has information in it about lots of different things is called an encyclopedia.


Hi there I’m Harry .
I’ve just arrived at Port Ellen Primary, and I’m staying for 3 months. However I’m English!

At Port Ellen, lately we’ve been practicing Robert Burns for Robert Burns NIGHT!!
My poem is ‘What will I do gin my Hoggie die.’  And it’s in a competition!
Also we are doing Scottish Country dancing, and are being paired up with P1/2.

In maths we’ve been working on fractions & time.

In computers we’ve been learning how to be safe on the internet and Quadblogging like I am now.  Parents are coming, for us to show them what we’ve learned.

In Literacy we’ve written 2 pieces of poetry, one on a piece of art.  We all had our own picture.   It’s a tournament too!
The other one is a competition as well, and we have to translate Address to a Haggis by Robert Burns!



On Monday after school we did shinty we do a club called shinty we stay there for an hour 3.30 till 4.30 we do a game called 1,2,3 1 is dribble the ball. 2 past the ball between your legs 3 take the ball of someone. then we go on pitch to play a game of shinty we get 10 minuts on pitch. By Ciara.


Today the 24th Mrs Onions was teaching us Grammar. We were learning about Subject Objects and Verbs in a sentence.
A proper noun is a the name of a place, Christmas New Year and lots of different things.
We had to underline the subject, object and verb in four different sentences.