Haggis is a type of food to celebrate Robert burns.We had haggis and peas yesterday. And the pudding was ice cream and chocolate fudge cake.

By Nick

The Dashing White Sargeant

This is how to do the Dashing White Sargeant.

1. Stand with two of your friends one in the middle one on the left one on the right.

2.steps Join with another group in circle and walk left 8 steps and walk back 8 steps.

3.The person in the middle faces the other person they turn spin with the person then turn to the other person and spin with them do it again.

4.Hold hand with your friends walk to the other3.

5. Go back again but this time one 3 goes under the arms of the other 3, then it all starts again.

Highland Dancing

Yesterday it was the Burns ceilidh. I was one of the Highland Dancers. Mrs MacDonald ask me, Danni and Emily to dance the Highland fling and the Sharan troos, it was funny because my pump kept on falling off. It was a amazing day and everyone had a great time and oh I almost forgot I came first in the poem competition.

By Abbie

My first Burns NIGHT!

Yesterday(25th January)I had my first Burns night,and celebrating it. And I haven’t, because I’m English

It was the first time I had haggis too!
It’s made of…
1 sheep stomach,heart and lungs of a lamb,450g beef fat and lean vegetables and spices
And it was lovely.
I’d also never had cock-a-leekie soup,which was fab!
Robert Burns day was AWESOME!

By Harry.

Port Ellen Primary School

Cyberbullying Poem

I feel ashamed, idiotic, depressed,
Like everything is a lie,
The anger is running down my veins,
Its to much pain the horribleness is among us.

In other words its like everything is gloomy,
Like cold hands are strangling me,
Cyberbullying is not good,
Don’t witness it have faith,
Don’t let it bring you down,
I know it hurts.

I might be cyberbullying,
I’m sure I’m not,
It’s like my sweat is running,
The internet can be mean,
So can mobile phones.

By Elizabeth

Burns Recordings

Yesterday was Burns Day and we had a poetry competition in school. Each class had to recite their poem in front of judges, and here are the recordings of the winning recitals.

Primary 7 winner was Aileas with To a Mouse by Burns,


From Primary 6 we have Emily with Scots  by Robert Burns,


From Primary 5 Danni with Rose by Burns,

From Primary 4 the winner was Abbie, reading What Will I do Gin My Hoggie Dies by Robert Burns.

From primary 3 the winner was Mirren who read Heron by JK Annand.


From primary 2 we have Natalie with Mondays Bairn,

mondays bairn

From Primary 1 Matthew recites Wee WIllie Winkie,

wee willie winkie

How To Play Shinty

First you get a shinty helmet there is a grill that come down on your face so a the ball doesn’t hit your face. Then you get a shinty stick you have to hold it with two hands, shinty is like football but you have a stick and a wee ball. To score you hit the ball a try and get in the goal.
By Jodie

The Story Of Shinty

I am going to tell you where shinty came from. Once there was a giant and he was walking with loads of people on him and he met a prinsses they came up with a game called shinty and thats where shintey came from. So I hope you try a game of shinty it is really easy. By Ciara.

How to do the Canadian Barn Dance

This is how to do the Canadian Barn Dance! First you have to hold a hand with your partner. Next you have to go forward three times and hop. Then you have to go back three times and hop. After that you have to go out clap and hop at the same time. Then you have to go in the way and hold your partners hands. After that you go forward to three then back to three. Finally go round once in a circle.

By Emily