The Dashing White Sargeant

This is how to do the Dashing White Sargeant.

1. Stand with two of your friends one in the middle one on the left one on the right.

2.steps Join with another group in circle and walk left 8 steps and walk back 8 steps.

3.The person in the middle faces the other person they turn spin with the person then turn to the other person and spin with them do it again.

4.Hold hand with your friends walk to the other3.

5. Go back again but this time one 3 goes under the arms of the other 3, then it all starts again.

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  1. Hi Torin
    What a great explanation of how to do the Dashing White Sergeant – I think it’s really difficult to explain something like dancing, which is so visual, in words; I’m not a great dancer but I think with your instructions I could certainly have a go!
    Ms Breyley
    Burravoe School

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