Highland Dancing

Yesterday it was the Burns ceilidh. I was one of the Highland Dancers. Mrs MacDonald ask me, Danni and Emily to dance the Highland fling and the Sharan troos, it was funny because my pump kept on falling off. It was a amazing day and everyone had a great time and oh I almost forgot I came first in the poem competition.

By Abbie

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  1. Wow! I can’t belive that you got to dance the Highland Fling. It must have been quite anoying when your pump fell off! Wow you got first in the poem competition. Cool post Abbie! 🙂

  2. Hello everyone!
    My name is Amy. Highland dancing sound really fun! but what do you think about highland dancing?
    Do boys go to highland daning? Well i would want to go because it sounds really fun and i like dancing.

  3. Hi I’m Amber and I am 10 years old. I live in Blackpool and I go to Waterloo Primary school. I was wondering if Scottish dancing is hard? How long did it take you to learn and do you think I could do it? I like dancing to.

  4. Do you like highland dancing? Is it good in Scotland? My school likes your schools blog. I live in Blackpool I have been in Waterloo sins I was 2.
    Joshua. G Waterloo School Blackpool

  5. Highland dancing looks fun, how long does it take to learn?
    I am Brianna, from Waterloo and I am in year 5, and I have been in school for
    7 years and I am nine years old.
    I have researched haggis and it looks good.

  6. Hi my name is Daryll I have been in Waterloo School for 3 years and now I am in y5pm. We use are learning devecties because it will help our education. Highland dancing looks good and how long dose it take to learn.

  7. I\’m Scottish and would love to take up highland dancing age 42 I cannot find any where in Bpool that teaches it, outfits are beautiful

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