Cyberbullying Poem

I feel ashamed, idiotic, depressed,
Like everything is a lie,
The anger is running down my veins,
Its to much pain the horribleness is among us.

In other words its like everything is gloomy,
Like cold hands are strangling me,
Cyberbullying is not good,
Don’t witness it have faith,
Don’t let it bring you down,
I know it hurts.

I might be cyberbullying,
I’m sure I’m not,
It’s like my sweat is running,
The internet can be mean,
So can mobile phones.

By Elizabeth

3 Replies to “Cyberbullying Poem”

  1. WOW! Thats a very strong feeling poem. It shows that you understand all about Cyberbulling. Have you been working on Cyberbulling or writing poems? That is a really good poem because you must understand how people must feel. I was watching Daybreak this morning and a boy was getting bullied because his hair was ginger coloured. Its a shame to show that people can bully because of there hair. Its terrible what this world has come to. Hopefully your poem will show people just how stupid it is.
    Burravoe Primary School

  2. this poem is great! I love the last verse.
    It tells people thet cyberbullying is wrong.
    I hope that you can write some more!

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