My first Burns NIGHT!

Yesterday(25th January)I had my first Burns night,and celebrating it. And I haven’t, because I’m English

It was the first time I had haggis too!
It’s made of…
1 sheep stomach,heart and lungs of a lamb,450g beef fat and lean vegetables and spices
And it was lovely.
I’d also never had cock-a-leekie soup,which was fab!
Robert Burns day was AWESOME!

By Harry.

Port Ellen Primary School

8 Replies to “My first Burns NIGHT!”

  1. We had haggis neeps and totties at school on Burns day I tried haggis but I didn\’t like it . After school every Wednesday we go to Youth Club. Youth Club had a burns night I had neeps and totties mashed togther. Do you like neeps and totties mashed together?
    from Kerry Burravoe Primary School

  2. Hi, my name’s Emily. I come from Waterloo school and wow Robert Burn’s day sounds like fun! I like the idea of this but I would not like to eat haggis. I can’t believe you would eat a sheep stomach! Did you think it tasted nice? I hope you can comment back!

  3. Hi, I am from Blackpool is burns night fun please tell us more. by Nathan from Waterloo School

  4. Robert Burns sounds like a good poet but why do you celebrate it.Found out that his famous poem was to a mouse.Also whaat is it like at your School my name is joshua from waterloo school.

  5. Hi, I’ am Luke in y5pm. I am from Blackpool waterloo primary.
    I would love to know what burns night is!

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