On Monday after school we did shinty we do a club called shinty we stay there for an hour 3.30 till 4.30 we do a game called 1,2,3 1 is dribble the ball. 2 past the ball between your legs 3 take the ball of someone. then we go on pitch to play a game of shinty we get 10 minuts on pitch. By Ciara.

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  1. Shinty sounds like fun. It’s not a game we play at Waterloo, our class would like it if you tell us more.

  2. Hi Ciara,

    Very glad to hear you are playing shinty at Port Ellen on your beautiful island.

    We play here too in Edinburgh at Tollcross Primary School Gaelic Unit. Today we had a short game, then practiced some hitting, then had another game.

    Some of the slightly older boys and girls will be playing against other teams from around Edinburgh and Glasgow on Sunday.

    I hope you can get to play against other teams too.

    Shinty is the best sport there is!

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