Hi there I’m Harry .
I’ve just arrived at Port Ellen Primary, and I’m staying for 3 months. However I’m English!

At Port Ellen, lately we’ve been practicing Robert Burns for Robert Burns NIGHT!!
My poem is ‘What will I do gin my Hoggie die.’  And it’s in a competition!
Also we are doing Scottish Country dancing, and are being paired up with P1/2.

In maths we’ve been working on fractions & time.

In computers we’ve been learning how to be safe on the internet and Quadblogging like I am now.  Parents are coming, for us to show them what we’ve learned.

In Literacy we’ve written 2 pieces of poetry, one on a piece of art.  We all had our own picture.   It’s a tournament too!
The other one is a competition as well, and we have to translate Address to a Haggis by Robert Burns!


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