Robert Burns Day

Tommorow Wednesday 25th January its Robert Burns Day. On Robert Buns Day we find out who won their poems and they say it out loud to the audiance, then we have highland dancing and finnaly we do some scottish country dancing with our parents or sometimes primary 6/7. But if parent want to they can have a cup of tea and a biscute in the cafeteria.

Robert Burns

On the 25th January We are going to say or poems mine is called What will i do gin my hoggie die. We are going to have haggis then we are go to have a ceilidh and we are going to do the Canadian barn dance and the Gay Gorden. By Eleanor.


we have learned lots of equivalent fractions and how to tell the time we have been doing lots of work we have been doing checups and maths.

By nick

Mrs Onions

On Monday Mrs Onions came to teach P4/5. We were learning about Colors, a tint is when you mix white with a primary colours,a shade is when you mix black with a primary colour.

By David

Scottish countrey dancing

On Wednesday 25th it’s Robert Burns day so p45 are practising three Scottish dances with the p1/2s we are doing the Canadian Barn dance, Gay Gordons and Dashing White Sergeant. My partner is Ellie for the Gay Gordans and the Canadian barn dance! My partners for the Dashing White Sergeant are Alicia and Eva.

By Emily

Scottish Dancing

On Wednesday 25th January is Burns Day and me are all practicing Scottish dancing like the gay Gordan’s, Canadian barn dance and the Dashing White Sargent.
My buddy was Rowan she is so good at the gay Gordan’s
but Rowan was off for a while so she didn’t have a lot of practice.

Shinty After School Club

I go to shinty after school it is very fun some skills are dribbling, hitting it between you’re legs and volling. Mrs Macrae leads it and some times Miss Harrison comes for a bit at the start. There is about 28 of us that go to shinty and there is lots of my friends that go.
BY Robbie

Mrs Onions in Our Class

On the 23rd Mrs Onions came into primary 4/5 and taught us all day. One of the things she did with us was art and primary colours, and how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We learnt shades, tones and tints. Shades are when you add black and tints is when you add white. Tones is when you mix a secondary color and add white or black.

Burns Day

On the 25th  of January we have a Burns day and we always have haggis.  We do scottish dancing and they are called dashing white Sargent and much more.  We always have  a poem compition and we put 6 people through to the finals from each class and my poem is called What Will i do Gin my Hoggie Die and my friends poem is called Rose.  I got through to the finals.

by Elizabeth