Bonfire Night

At bonfire night I went to my Uncle Haralds house I lit a mini bonfire also I cooked some sausages and marshmallows. Jason brought his Pyro pyrmid to light the bonfire. when I was going home I saw two police at an ambulance.

By David


It was Halloween on October 31st
At Halloween I was a viking and I had some blood on my face.

Halloween is a special day. It was at night when it was dark. My cousin Bronagh came with me to all the houses. Everyone was scary.

By Annie Farrell

Computer Topic.

Our new topic is computers and my group is called
WO-GLOW,we want to know…
1.How to print pictures.
2.Writ in Word.
3.Down lowd music on to a key.
4.Know 20 or more gaming sites.
5.Know where viruses are.
6.Know how to go on google earth.
7.Know how to skype.

By Elizabeth.

Bonfire Night

On the 5th of November it was bonfire night and I really enjoyed it and the fire works were great but my dog was scared,so we took her for a walk. Meanwhile me my sisters and my Mum and Dad went to look at the two bonfire then it was time to go home.

by Abbie

Bonfire Night

On Saturday 5th November it was Bonfire night there was a Bonfire at the Maltings and there was a Bonfire at Texa Cresent.I was at the Bonfire with my mum, dad,sister Ellie and my brother Dylan.It was a very big Bonfire me and my sister got to hold a sparkler.

By Emily Mackie

Bonfire Night

I am going to tell you about bonfire night and it was at TexaCresent and who was there so hear goes there was my friends and I will tell you who was at bonfire night my friend Alica and Danni Ellen but all so I had fun with my friends but i can’t forget my family but my favourite firework was the rocket. By Eleanor

PEPS Are On Twitter

Port Ellen Primary is on twitter because we want to know if you’r interested in learning Gaelic. On monday 7TH September Mrs Clark and Miss McRae set up Port Ellen School on twitter. We already have 24 followers one of them are shaun the weather man from STV. Every week during p4/5’s Gaelic leson we give a phrace or word for you to learn this weak it is (is misha or is misa)that means my name is. Sometimes p4/5 give yous a questions to answer some are for fluwent Gaelic speekers and some are for people just starting.  By Maisie