Children In Need

It was children in need day today. Its when we come to school dressed in spotty clothes.  We were raising money for children that are not well or they don’t have what we have.   We raised money by playing Zomba on the WII.  After that Eva told us about her making muffins and the money going to children in need, Ruby also had a children in need thing to go to the poor children.

By Danni

Children Need

Today we were doing Zumba to make money. The money is for the children that are not really well. So we came to school with spots and last night I got a top and my mum helped me write Pudsey and she went away and I did the top myself. So Rudy and Eva brought something in Ruby brought cakes and Ava brought cup cakes.

By Ciara

Children In Need

Today is Children in Need we done a sponsored Zomba . We all had to wear something spotty to school . Eva brought some cakes to raise some more money and Ruby brougt a sheet of paper with cupcakes on it you had to right your name on it and the person who got the right cupcake gets a prize .

By Emily

Children In Need

Today is Children In Need day!and Port Ellen school are resing money by playing a Wii game called zumba. We did really well at it the whole school did it even the staff.

By Abbie

Spider Web

Mrs Clark did a spider web for p4/5 ICT skills. It is different colors and it’s got 6 meanings as well. the meanings have different colors. By Alicia

Computer Skills

We were learning about skills to use on a computer i learned how to make a blog. I also learned what other complicating words to do with computers like CPU. We made a web and put flies on it with skills we would like to learn about. Once we achieve the skill we put a spider on it. by Robbie

Maths And Doubling

Hi I am going to talk to you about p45 were doing doubling and divion. here is the poeple that got all the answrs rite Annie,Izzy and Danni. By Eleanor