Bonfire night.

On the 5th November it was bonfire night I went to the bonfire and i was holding a sparkler and there was lodes of fireworks and me and my friend were playing when we got back and there was more fireworks we saw lodes of different fireworks then we went in. BY Ciara.

Bomfire Night 5.11.11

On Saturday night on the 5th of November it was Bonfire night, They’re was Bonfires everywhere and sparklers. The Council set the bonfires up but some of the light the bonfire. The most dangerous thing at bonfire night is fireworks especially the rocket, It goes at 200mph so really fast.

By Alicia


Bonfire night was on the 5.11.11. Bonfire night was fun also my Papa lit the fire and it burnt down very fast. There was lots of good fire works and sparkler. the ground was very cold. The bonfife was very dangerous. beside the maltings.

by Robbie