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Port Ellen Primary is on twitter because we want to know if you’r interested in learning Gaelic. On monday 7TH September Mrs Clark and Miss McRae set up Port Ellen School on twitter. We already have 24 followers one of them are shaun the weather man from STV. Every week during p4/5’s Gaelic leson we give a phrace or word for you to learn this weak it is (is misha or is misa)that means my name is. Sometimes p4/5 give yous a questions to answer some are for fluwent Gaelic speekers and some are for people just starting.  By Maisie

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  1. Hi Maisi,

    I’m one of the 24 (just checked, it’s now gone up to 32!), it is great to read about what you are learning. I don’t have any Gaelic yet, so I’ll try to learn a bit with your tweets. May be you can teach me about the days of the week so that I can check if I’m doing them right on my blog?

  2. Good Afternoon Maisie,

    Giving me a word a week to learn sounds a very good idea, Nothing too difficult though !

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hello Maisie,

    I am looking forward to learning words in Gaelic too!
    It would be great to know a little when I visit Islay next; in three years I should know a lot of words!

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