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SSPCA Visits P6/7

We started off the lesson by playing a Pets Patrol Race game. We had to answer a variety of questions about animals we usually keep as pets. There were some quite tricky ones.

We then watched a video clip showing the various ways in which the SSPCA support farmers to look after their livestock. Inspectors check that animals have enough space, are well fed, and in a healthy condition, with enough food. and water. They check for diseases such as ringworm and for any problems with hoofs. If there are any problems a welfare notice can be placed, with a given time to make the necessary changes.

After this we watched a video about mistreated pets. The SSPCA deal with a great variety of animals including, snakes, ferrets and rats.

We then discussed all the things we need to do to our pets healthy and happy,  including spending time with them and ensuring they have enough space, food and water. We also discussed measures you can take if your circumstances change and you need to rehome a pet.

It really made us think about how important it is to take responsibility for looking after animals.



Primary 6 Play Leader Assessment

Today Primary 6 pupils have been at play leader training where they put their new skills to the test. They have been working with Primary 2/3 to help them play a lot of new games .

Emmy, Christie, Ruby, Ryan, Lilly-Jane, Ronan, Holly, Jake, Jessica, Shane, Tia and Archie have really enjoyed working with the class to develop their skills in playleader training.

Tia- I really enjoyed playing with the little ones and had fun learning the games we played.

Ruby- Itwas fun but some of them didn’t listen well and I enjoyed learning the games.

Archie- It was fun but they were very energetic.

Emmy- I enjoyed it but sometimes it could get a bit over the top.

Lilly Jane-It was good working with the little ones.

Jake- it was so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

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The New Primary 7 experience their first John Muir Challenge

The sun was shining, the sea was calm, which all  helped to make Primary 7’s first John Muir Day a huge success.  Everyone returned to school full of exciting  recounts about their canoeing adventure. There was a great sense of achievement within the class at over-coming fears and pushing their own boundaries.  A huge thank you to  all who enabled this trip to take place; John and Jill who lead the day, Mrs Leslie, John and Vaila who accompanied the pupils (even the grown-ups had a super time).

As Molly said on her return, “Can we just go back to the start of the day and do it all again?”

Everyone getting their buoyancy aids on .

Bertie ready to go.

People were taking photographs of us as we paddled

alongside the cruise ship Hebridean Sky.

A highlight was exploring inside a cave.

A well deserved rest.

We really enjoyed being able to jump into the sea.

We had to stand up and balance on the canoe.

Everyone agreed that it was the best day ever.

Lauryn said, “It was a new experience and I’d definitely do it again. It made me realise I can do things even when I think I can’t.”

Carys thought it was great fun and particularly enjoyed going in the cave.

“It was really great fun. It made me think positively,” said Zara.

Niamh was fascinated to see jellyfish in the cave.

Bertie commented, “Even though I was a bit stressed to begin with, overall it was a fun experience.”

Ciaran thought the whole day was great fun.

Michael said, “It was an amazing day and I hope to do it again.”






On the way back- everyone tired but extremely happy!

NSPCC visit

Heather White came to visit us today to explain what the NSPCC does and why it is so important.

Their motto is ‘speak out and stay safe’

Ms White told us about three important children’s rights:

  • to speak to be heard
  • to be safe
  • to get help when you need it

She showed us the bag of worries and explained how it can get filled and how we can find ways to empty it.

Ms White explained that there are 5 different forms of abuse:

  • Neglect
  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • bullying

and why abuse is not okay, or a child’s fault.

We shared ideas about who are trusted adults who could help us.

After she spoke to the P4-6s at assembly, all the P6s had a further workshop to discuss and think about lots of safety issues.

Visit to Quendale Farm

Primary 6 have had a super morning visiting Quendale Farm. We spent an hour in the lambing shed, learning about the Suffolk ewes and their lambs. There were also five calves in a pen too.

We learnt about the whole lambing year. We can recognise a ewe that is about to lamb and we had a go using the simulator to help a birth a lamb.

A big thank you 😊 to Hillary and her staff for a really interesting trip.

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