SSPCA Visits P6/7

We started off the lesson by playing a Pets Patrol Race game. We had to answer a variety of questions about animals we usually keep as pets. There were some quite tricky ones.

We then watched a video clip showing the various ways in which the SSPCA support farmers to look after their livestock. Inspectors check that animals have enough space, are well fed, and in a healthy condition, with enough food. and water. They check for diseases such as ringworm and for any problems with hoofs. If there are any problems a welfare notice can be placed, with a given time to make the necessary changes.

After this we watched a video about mistreated pets. The SSPCA deal with a great variety of animals including, snakes, ferrets and rats.

We then discussed all the things we need to do to our pets healthy and happy, ย including spending time with them and ensuring they have enough space, food and water. We also discussed measures you can take if your circumstances change and you need to rehome a pet.

It really made us think about how important it is to take responsibility for looking after animals.



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