Ally’s Success in Archery

On Saturday Ally went to Lerwick to receive his trophies and certificate for his achievements in archery.

Here is Ally with his trophies from 2018

Here are some or Ally’s awards from previous years.

Top left for shooting new junior archery record (253 points)2016

Top right under 12 boys champion 2016

Bottom left under 12 boys champion 2017

Bottom middle improvment on score (13 points) 2016

Bottom right competing in Montrose archery trip


Two medals from Montrose archery trip(second in age group 2016 and 17)

Trophy ‘c’ league champion


Top left improving on score by 1 point

Top middle for competing in Montrose 2017

top right for shooting a new junior archery record (254 points)

bottom left under 12 boys champion 2018

bottom right ‘b’ league champion 2018

Written by Ally and Fearghas


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