Primary 6 Play Leader Assessment

Today Primary 6 pupils have been at play leader training where they put their new skills to the test. They have been working with Primary 2/3 to help them play a lot of new games .

Emmy, Christie, Ruby, Ryan, Lilly-Jane, Ronan, Holly, Jake, Jessica, Shane, Tia and Archie have really enjoyed working with the class to develop their skills in playleader training.

Tia- I really enjoyed playing with the little ones and had fun learning the games we played.

Ruby- Itwas fun but some of them didn’t listen well and I enjoyed learning the games.

Archie- It was fun but they were very energetic.

Emmy- I enjoyed it but sometimes it could get a bit over the top.

Lilly Jane-It was good working with the little ones.

Jake- it was so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

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