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Balloon rockets

This afternoon we have been building on our understanding of forces. We began the afternoon with discussions over what forces are and how they are used to propel rockets to space. We also looked at the impact friction, air and water resistance have on movement of objects.

These discussions then created more interest on rocket launches, with questions of how is a rocket launched and what happens when it goes wrong? We watched a few video clips to gain a better understanding.

After this, it was our chance to put some of this learning into action with investigations into how size and material (friction) impact on the distance a balloon rocket travels along a “track”.

This will form the foundations for further understanding and applications of our forces investigations.



Terrific Scientific

Feet investigation!

On Thursday we started our next Terrific Scientific investigation

We all know our feet are important. But does where we live and the terrain we walk on affect our foot flexibility? That’s what we’re going to be discovering in this investigation!

We’ll develop our investigative skills and gather evidence through doing things and taking note of what happens.

The evidence we collect will be sent to the University of Kent so they can use it in their scientific research.

The measuring was quite challenging, but we have almost finished and then our results will be on the interactive map.