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Final STEM Challenges

Challenge No 1


We all had a fantastic time creating our own robots which could move-but they were not allowed to have wheels!

Challenge No2

Robot Wars comes to Shetland!

This time we had to design a robot which could move using wheels.

Using the knowledge we had gained from the first challenge, we quickly designed and made moving robots which used wheels.

We then went on to race our robots.


In the longer distance race:

1st. Christie and Ronan

2nd. Niamh and Bertie

3rd. Molly and Emily

In the shorter distanceĀ race:

1st. Emily and Molly

2nd. LilyJane, Zara and Holly

3rd. Jessica and Tia

Final ‘Big Challenge’ Race:

=1st Ronan and Christie, Molly and Emily

Best programming of robots:

Ronan and Christie, Emily and Molly

Everyone did a super job and had a brilliant time!