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Final STEM Challenges

Challenge No 1


We all had a fantastic time creating our own robots which could move-but they were not allowed to have wheels!

Challenge No2

Robot Wars comes to Shetland!

This time we had to design a robot which could move using wheels.

Using the knowledge we had gained from the first challenge, we quickly designed and made moving robots which used wheels.

We then went on to race our robots.


In the longer distance race:

1st. Christie and Ronan

2nd. Niamh and Bertie

3rd. Molly and Emily

In the shorter distance race:

1st. Emily and Molly

2nd. LilyJane, Zara and Holly

3rd. Jessica and Tia

Final ‘Big Challenge’ Race:

=1st Ronan and Christie, Molly and Emily

Best programming of robots:

Ronan and Christie, Emily and Molly

Everyone did a super job and had a brilliant time!





Body Works- Glasgow Science Centre

In the forenoon P4-7 found out all about ‘Disgusting Digestion’!

It was really interesting…….but..  yes…quite disgusting at times!

Poor Frankie and Lily Jane were given the difficult task of trying to eat two dry crackers in one minute! They did not succeed.

Even Ms Scanlan got involved!

Christie helped to demonstrate just how long our  intestines are?

In the afternoon we had a super time going around different ‘stations’ where we got to try out lots of different fun activities relating to the human body.


It was a super session and we all learnt a lot about how

our bodies work.



Louise Sales from the SSPCA visited our class today to tell us about the important work carried out by the SSPCA in helping badly treated and injured animals.

We watched a video about how to treat animals correctly and what to do if we find an injured animal or suspect someone is mistreating an animal.


We answered a quiz about looking after animals. Then we had to put ourselves in the role of an SSPCA officer and had to decide what action we would take to rescue an animal and what equipment we would have to use.


We played a ‘Snakes and Ladders’ style board game but it also involved answering questions about animals and their welfare.


Emily:I liked when we got the questions in the quiz and board game.


AJ:I enjoyed it and I’m happy I won the game.”


Holly:I enjoyed it- the game was fun and fair.

Lily-Jane:I liked the game, the video clip and the quiz.





Visit to Tesco

We were amazed just how big the store was when we went through to the back. There were huge storage areas full of all sorts of different foods. We saw the chilled area where fruit and vegetables are kept before going out into the store.image

We were given special vests to put on before we went onto the shop floor to let customers know what we were doing there.


We felt like detectives trying to find different fruit and vegetables from different parts of the world including the U.K.





Whilst it was interesting to discover all the different places around the world where our food comes from, we were also keeping a lookout for any Fairtrade products we could see in the store.


Zara and Emmy found Fairtrade bananas.

We also foundimage Fairtrade cocoa, drinking chocolate, coffee and tea. Fairtrade cocoa and drinking chocolate image image

Shane quickly spotted the Fairtrade chocolate!



We got to smell and taste different foods and spices.

We were also given a bag full of interesting information, puzzles and colouring sheets about food, as well as a bottle of water and a piece of fruit.

Here we are with Trina who showed us around.


Bertie said, “It was good tasting different food.”

Michael commented, “It was a really good day. I loved being in the Tesco store.”