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We have been so lucky with the sunny weather this week!  It was lovely to see everyone having fun with friends at playtime.

Hopefully we can continue to enjoy bright, sunny days after the October holidays too!



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It was just too nice to work indoors!

On Monday we had a “Time Scavenger Hunt” for our Maths session.  Some helpers hid various time cards around the playground for others to find.  Everyone had to work out  the time shown on their sheets and look for the matching time in the playground.

On each time card was a letter.  When all of the letters were found, we were able to work out the secret message!


On Tuesday it was so sunny and warm outside our classroom that some of the children wanted to work outside on their multiplication problems.


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For 6 weeks this term, P6 have been learning about how to stay safe when cycling out on the roads.  On Monday this week, they had their final session.   They have all done so well!

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Climate Change in a Bottle

This week we have been trying to recreate what is happening to our planet….in a bottle!

We measured out some vinegar and added a thermometer to two bottles of the same size.  Both bottles had a balloon fixed to the top, but to one balloon we added some bicarbonate of soda first.  When emptied into the bottle, it with the vinegar, giving off carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases causing harm to our planet.  This is contributing to Climate Change.   Both bottles were set on the window sill to catch the heat from the sun.

Some pupils predicted that the temperature would rise, some said it would fall and some thought there would be no change!

It was very exciting seeing the carbon dioxide inflating the balloon!

We took the temperature of each bottle before the experiment began and again after 1 minute to see if there was a change in temperature.  We read the temperature again after 10 minutes and again 24 hours later.  We are leaving the experiment out for a week to see what happens.

We’ll let you know the results of our experiment next week!

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Time to get outdoors!

We grabbed our chalk and headed outdoors last week to show what we had been learning about telling the time!

Some helpers drew clock shapes on the playground ready for our task.  Each person gave their partner a “time” to draw on the clock face.  These varied from o’clock/half past/quarter past,/quarter times to minutes past/to the hour.  We also wrote a digital time to match, sometimes including a 24 hour clock too!

Some pupils gave their partner challenges to find things like 27 minutes after a given time.  This took a bit more thinking!

Keep having fun showing time when you are out and about P4/5/6.  Perhaps you can make a clock on the beach next time!

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During P6 Bikeability time on Monday afternoons, P4/5 have been busy working in small groups to create their own animations.  The plan was to create an animation to help children in the school learn something that they might find tricky.

Our groups are making animations showing alphabetical order, 3 Times Table, Tricky Words and Telling the Time.

We have a couple of weeks left to tweak our animations and then hopefully we can share them with you!

Some people chose to use words and pictures in their animations…

Some groups chose to use items in the classroom to make their animations…

We can’t wait to see the finished products!

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World War II Stories

We have been so impressed by the efforts of the pupils in P5/6 to find out about a family member or important people who lived during World War II and create a presentation for the class.

Below are just some of the presentations that we got to enjoy this week.  Other pupils chose to create PowerPoint presentations.  It has been fantastic to see everyone developing their presentation skills and having the confidence to give it a go!

We heard about German captures, escapes from work camps, sunken submarines,  medals from the King and so much more!  We have discovered how important it is to pass on these incredible stories and keep it going for the next generation to enjoy.

Well done P5/6!  What a brilliant way to end such a fabulous year with you!


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Transition Day

What a super Transition Day we had with the new P4/5/6 class this week!  Mrs Smith came in for the first part of the morning when we spent some time getting to know each other with the Find the Fib game.  Everyone (including Mrs Henderson and Mrs Smith) had to think of 3 things to share with the class about themselves.  BUT, 1 of them had to be a fib.  We had fun trying to guess which statement was false.  Sometimes it was very tricky to decide!

We spent a little time writing down all of the things that were important to us.  Some people had similar interests but it was also good to point out that it’s OK to like different things too.

We then got into groups and took part in some team building games.  We played Lower the Hoop, Pass the Hoop, Lego building Relay and Silent Birthday Line up.  We managed to put everyone in order from youngest to oldest…without saying a word!  Well done everyone!  Amazing!

The afternoon was spent doing a STEM activity.  Each team had the challenge of building a newspaper bridge which would be strong enough to hold a textbook.  Some bridges were so strong that they were able to hold more than 10 books!  It was great to see how everyone worked together as a team and took responsibility for the task.

We are looking forward to welcoming the class back in August where we can continue to get to know each other and work as a team.

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World War II

Our topic this term has been World War 2.  We have been finding out about The Blitz, blackouts, evacuations and what life was like for people in the UK at that time.

The pupils have also been working in small groups to research a chosen aspect of World War 2.  The groups have chosen to research:

  • The Soviet Union
  • Anne Frank
  • Women in World War 2
  • New Inventions/Products in World War 2.
  • Adolf Hitler

Everyone has been working so hard on their presentations  and we are looking forward to sharing what we have found out with each other next week!

Some pupils have also been conducting some further research at home, finding out about their own family members who lived during the time of World War 2.  We are going to share these on Monday and Tuesday in the last week of term.  I can’t wait to see and hear what they found out!

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Let’s go outside!

We have been thinking about what it would have been like to be evacuated in WW2.  We are going to write letters home, pretending we have been evacuated, thinking about the differences between life in a city and life in the countryside.

It was just too lovely outdoors  so we took our planning sheets out of the classroom and enjoyed working in the sunshine!



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