Friday’s Inspirational Quote

Well, that’s this term coming to an end.  It’s certainly not how we pictured these last few weeks would go but we are sure you’ve done wonderfully at home, working on your packs and Blog ideas plus other activities you’ll have thought of yourselves.  As we enter into our holidays, we ask that you and your families have a well deserved break and just spend time together, doing what you love.  It’s hard when we are limited in what we can do but be inventive and think of ways you can do what makes you happy!  Also, try to find ways you can keep in touch with friends…either using technology or a more traditional way!  Whatever happens,  know this – Mrs Henderson and I are thinking of you all and wishing you a happy and healthy holiday.   Mrs Smith  🤗

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Inspirational Quote”

  1. Hello Mrs Smith and Mrs Henderson! This is Abi 😁. I am missing school and all my friends. Have a nice holiday.

    1. So lovely to hear from you Abi, we miss hearing everyone’s news. I bet you are busy baking lots of yummy food in your house!

  2. Lovely to hear from you Abi!! We hope you had a lovely birthday although it would have felt strange this year too. We are missing everyone too. We hope you manage to enjoy your holidays too!

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