Achievement Talks 16.11.18

On Friday we started our latest round of achievement talks for the term. This time it was a chance for those on the the “Pink Fluffy Unicorn” group to share their achievements with the rest of the class.

Emma shared with us a letter from the trenches that she had written at home. The letter showed how Emma had taken the learning that we had been doing in class and built on this at home. She took time to colour the page to make it look like it had been aged too.

Well done Emma.

Topic homework

Tory told us how he had mastered the art of performing a  handstand flip over. He was proud to share this with us all as he had been working on it for some time and gained a few injuries in the process. We will look forward to hopefully seeing this in action at some point soon!

Mia was proud to share how she had been working on her reading this term and was pleased to see that she could now see progress with this. Well done Mia, you’ve been working well on this and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement.

Koll successfully had us all giggling with his achievement this week and relished in his time to share the numerous hairstyles he could now perform with his extra hair growth.


The achievement talks are a great opportunity for the pupils to show us all something that they are proud of, it’s great to hear when they have something to share that is from outside of school too.

Thank you to all those in Pink Fluffy Unicorns.

2 thoughts on “Achievement Talks 16.11.18”

  1. I love the achievement talks. It is great that there is such variety in the achievements. We are all unique and have different things to celebrate. Well done to all!

  2. I love reading about your achievement talks! I met Mia walking through the school with her head in a book, on the way to the bus! I was delighted that she asked me to help her with a tricky word…keep soaking up all those words Mia. Great job!
    Mrs Smith P1/2

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