Let’s Circus

Spinning plates- see the concentration on their faces!

Last Thursday morning Primary 5 and Primary 6 had an action packed session learning some of the skills used by circus performers.

We all had a fabulous time and the fun began as soon as we arrived! Within the first few minutes we were spinning toothbrushes round our fingers!

Then when Cunningsburgh pupils joined us we were split into three groups which then rotated round the three circus workshops.

There were opportunities to practise acrobatics, hula hoop skills and spinning plates!

We were having that much fun that the time simply flew by.

Here is a snapshot of how we got on……some of us better than others……but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The people who instructed us were great fun and very talented

Ruby and Katie throwing and catching each other’s spinning plate!

We tried out a variety of tricks with the spinning plates.

Having fun with  hula hoops-spinning them round our waist, foot, arm and even neck!

At the acrobatics workshop we tried some tricky manoeuvres and had to place a lot of trust in our partners.

Everyone agreed it was super fun and we were all proud of our achievements in such a short time. Some of us were lucky enough to be going to see the The Let’s Circus performances.


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