Louise Sales from the SSPCA visited our class today to tell us about the important work carried out by the SSPCA in helping badly treated and injured animals.

We watched a video about how to treat animals correctly and what to do if we find an injured animal or suspect someone is mistreating an animal.


We answered a quiz about looking after animals. Then we had to put ourselves in the role of an SSPCA officer and had to decide what action we would take to rescue an animal and what equipment we would have to use.


We played a ‘Snakes and Ladders’ style board game but it also involved answering questions about animals and their welfare.


Emily:I liked when we got the questions in the quiz and board game.


AJ:I enjoyed it and I’m happy I won the game.”


Holly:I enjoyed it- the game was fun and fair.

Lily-Jane:I liked the game, the video clip and the quiz.





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