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2D Shape

Today small groups have worked around different 2D shape stations.  They were busy playing a shape game with Mrs Sutherland where they had to spot shapes in the environment.  Some had to create and continue repeating patterns and in pairs, they worked on describing shapes for their partner to guess.  The final station asked them to create 2D pictures and patterns on an iPad and count how many of each shape was used.  Everyone enjoyed the Maths session today!

Our Senses – Touch

We have been learning about the 5 senses.  With me, they have been looking at our sense of touch.   We measured how far our skin would stretch if you laid it out flat.  The children were fascinated to see how big an area it would cover!  We have been naming parts of our hands and skin and looking closely using magnifying glasses.  We have talked about the “receptors ” under our skin that send messages to our brains to help us make sense of what we are touching.  Very carefully, we tried using paper clips to help us feel which parts of our bodies were more sensitive to touch.  We have tried using just our sense of touch to name hidden objects.

Outdoor Education Day – 18th May

Thanks to the glorious Shetland weather, we were able to do all our planned activities today!  We started off at the Boddam play park to do an experiment on forces.  Then, in groups, we had to show forces at work using the play equipment.  After some time inside looking at Electricity with Mr Rose, it was back outside to do a spot of reading before we joined the rest of the school on our whole school walk.  A full day of learning and fresh air!

Forces – Magnetism

We enjoyed another visit from Mr Rose on Thursday 11th May.  He spoke to us all about magnets and magnetism and the “invisible” force they use to attract certain types of metals.  We learned the word, “repel” and used the magnets to test out how this felt.  We had fun working with our partners and testing objects around the class.


Inara slowly moves her magnet closer until her paper clip is attracted to it.
We tested lots of objects around the classroom. We were surprised at some of the results we got.

Body Works Science Workshop

We had a great time last week learning about the journey food takes through our bodies. Everyone was surprised to learn that our small intestines are 6 metres long!

Later on we had fun exploring the different exhibits on offer. We tried out a thermal camera, a memory game, a multi tasking game, a body puzzle, an X-ray activity and much, much more! One exhibit even showed you what you might look like in 10 years time if you lived an unhealthy lifestyle! It was pretty scary!

Here is a pretend stomach full of food!
We played a small intestine race. Each person had to squeeze the ball through the small intestine, acting like the muscles pushing real food through the body.

This exhibit showed what happens to your lungs if you smoke cigarettes. It was much harder to pump air into the black lung.
It was great fun using this special magnifying camera.
The multi tasking game.
This machine let us listen to different people breathing. One person had asthma and we had to guess which one it was.
The memory game involved pushing a sequence of colours in the order shiwn. A new colour was added each time it the sequence which made it it’s tricky!

Leighton and George worked as a team to put the body back together again.

Great fun was had by all with the thermal camera.
The poor person in this X-ray had barbed wire stuck in their hands! Ouch!


Today, we were glad to see Mr Rose back in class to help us learn all about Forces.  We have been learning that forces are all around us, all the time.  We have been talking about gravity and the forces that we can apply to objects to make them move and change.  We are looking forward to planning, testing and writing up our own experiment soon.