National Poetry Day

On Thursday 6th October we celebrated National Poetry Day by reading poems throughout the day.  We listened to a funny poem called “Sick” about a girl who wanted to stay home from school and we listened to Mrs Smith’s favourite poem from her childhood called “Rice Pudding.”  We also enjoyed watching “The Jumblies” and “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” on the whiteboard.  Then we tried writing our own senses poem.  Everyone produced a super piece of writing.  Here are just a few.  The rest can be seen displayed outside P1/2.  To round it all off, Christina brought in her poetry book from home and shared her favourite verses with us the next day.  We really enjoyed our day!

Isla's Work
Isla’s Work
Lena's Poem
Lena’s Poem
Anders worked hard on his piece.
Anders worked hard on his piece.
Elijah's Poetry
Elijah’s Poetry
Christina's Work
Christina’s Work
Conor's Writing
Conor’s Writing
Freya's Poem
Freya’s Poem
Ruben worked hard on his sounds.
Ruben worked hard on his sounds.
George's Poetry
George’s Poetry
Christina brought in her book from home to share.

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