Class Organisation Session 20/21

I am aware that everyone is keen to know pupil classes for next year and we are now able to share this information with you.

We are saying goodbye to two long serving members of staff next week. Mrs Dunlop and Mrs Graham are both leaving us and moving to new positions within other schools. We wish them both well in their new posts.

As a result, Mrs Campbell will now be joining us to teach P6/7 until this vacancy is filled on a permanent basis. Along with Mrs Campbell we welcome Miss Holman and Miss Morrison to the team.

You will receive an email/group call containing information about your son/daughter’s class teacher(s) for next session in due course.

Later in the week, a second email/group call will follow containing information whether your son/daughter has been placed in group 1 or group 2 should the blended learning/contingency model 2-2-1 by required.

Classes and staffing for next session

P1 Mrs Fitzsimmons

P1/2 Miss Holman and Mrs Howie

P2/3 Mrs McLean

P3 Miss Kirkpatrick and Mrs Stephenson

P4 Mrs Anderson

P4/5 Miss Morrison and Mrs J McLean

P5 Mrs Dyson

P6 Mrs Lumsden and Mr Caldow

P6/7 Mrs Campbell(Temp)

P7 Miss Clendinning



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