img_1711The PPPS which are Matthew, Aaron, Abi, Rowan, Sophie and Kaitlyn are making crafts for Port Ellen’s Christmas fair. We made lots of items and it only took two days to make everything. We made tin cans, star mirrors, taguls and finger puppet nativities. The star mirrors are £1:50 there are 7 of them. The nativity is £2:00 and there is 5 sets of them. The taguls are £1:00 and there are 8 of them. The star mirrors are £1:50 and there are 7 of them. The tin cans are 50p and there 6 of them.  We had to create balance sheets and work out unit costs to be able to price our items, to make sure we make a profit.

by the Pretty Presents Perfect Service


imageRionnag is an enterprise group that will be selling their crafts at the Port Ellen primary school Christmas fair on Saturday 10th December. We will be selling sock Olafs,Christmas magnets and lemon and sherbet cupcakes. The Olafs are £3.00 and the magnets are 30p or 4 for £1. We only have 6 Olafs  and they are going sell out fast because every one loves Olaf. We have 38 magnets. We want to get a profit not a loss. We hope we get lots of money.

Crazy Claus Christmas fair

photo-on-08-12-2016-at-14-48We have been making things for the Christmas fair. We have made tiles with a map of Islay on it, we have made rainbow coloured Christmas baubles with sparkles and we have made snow globes. We have made a book on an app called book creator on the ipads with the Christmas fair notes on it. We also designed a cupcake for the cupcake competition. We made crunchie flavoured red cupcakes with a Santa hat on them. We have been learning how to make a balance sheet and how to make a chart on excel and we also did market research for the project.  I hope everything sells really well.

Snappy Snowmen

imageFor the Christmas fair Snappy Snowmen are making penguin light bulbs to hang on your Christmas tree and we have made 9 of them.We have also made scented candles.The pink candles are rose scented and the orange candles are orange scented and we have made 13 of the candles all together.  The last thing we have made is Christmas bugs with pine cones as the body and green Pom Poms for the neck and 2 red Pom Poms with Googly eyes stuck on top.We have all made balance sheets; Rebecca and Holly made the balance sheets for the Christmas bugs, Sarah made the balance sheet for the penguin light bulbs and Ruaraidh made the balance sheet for the candles and Kaya made the tags for our items.  I hope people buy our products.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Primary 7 have been busy decorating the Christmas Tree ready for the Christmas fair this Saturday at 2pm.  The tree was kindly donated to us by Laphroaig distillery, and we think it looks lovely.image